HuntWise: A Better Hunting App App Reviews

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This is a good app It would be awesome if we could share saved locations with buddies New stands, blinds, deer sign etc.

Old layout better

I really liked the old layout. The new one is much less easy to use. I much prefer the old one. It would be great if it was reset to the old one.

Its crap.

The old version was a lot better. Bring back the fishing side, colour base map, and add the ability to add and save tracks/trails to the map then this will be the ultimate outdoor app.

New update issue

APP doesnt open with either email or facebook. Please fix it. The app started working then stopped all together with buffering all the time now. I deleted the app. If I could reduce this to 0 stars now I would.

Quality decline

I use this app all the time and am not a big fan of the new layout compared to the Sportsman Tracker version. In addition this "new" app seems to be unstable as it crashes every time I click on the calendar to get the week view.

Was pretty good now really bad

To bad this app was revised and not just improved. I cant figure out the tracking, get the temp in Fahrenheit, or where to get instructions. The contact for help is also conveniently missing. Looks like Ill have to delete this app.

New version

Do not like new version at all. Not easy to see peak movement or which days are better than others. Please go back to old version or revise.

Best app ever

This app works so well. When I opened this app I was amazed in how well made it was. Like,flex on you haters, huh.

Old version was awesome

The old version was awesome. It showed the week , forecasted best days of the rut and saved stand locations. The new version makes me want to delete off my phone and save the space.

Old Version Way Better!!!!

The old version was way better than the new updated version. I dont need all the extra features that dont even work on the new version. Please change it back or its getting deleted.

Old version was better

Old version was much better. New version has less info and harder to use.

Highly Recommend

I was a big fan of the Sportsman tracker app so it took me a minute to get used to the update to HuntWise. Now that Ive been using it the new layout is easily readable and looks great

Had to go goof things up !

Loved the old app! The new version is a waste.

Update ruined it.

You guys really messed up a beautiful thing. Fishing and hunting go hand in hand and it was so nice to scroll through and see posts from anglers and hunters. The game forecast in the new app is just crap. Honestly you completely ruined it.

No good

Loved sportsman tracker app and layout. This app is useless, is hard to understand and layout is junk. I want old app back.

New version is a joke.

I have to agree with other reviewers, the new app is absolutely terrible. I really liked the old version. It was simple, easy and gave the right amount of information. Did they even validate the new version with previous users? To make matters worse, when the new update got pushed the original Sportsmans Guide app was updated to "FishWise". I dont even fish. As the saying goes, "if it aint broke, dont fix it."

Change It Back!!

The old version was so much better. Please bring back a better hunt/stay home meter. Your new improvements are not improvements at all!!!

Old version was way better

The new version doesnt show rut or moon or shows predictions based on facts. The old layout was much better and Im highly disappointed with the new setup. CHANGE IT BACK

New layout removes almost all value of a good App

What were you guys thinking? The old app gave you all the factors that played into "go hunt" or "stay home" (Pressure, moon, temp, weather, etc). It also showed you the changes (clearly!) between different times of the day, you could review the week at a glance. Now the predict page doesnt even rate the time as 1-5. I will keep app in hopes they will revert somehow, but its just taking up space on the phone for now. PLEASE CHANGE BACK TO OLD STYLE LAYOUT!

Former big fan.

I really liked the old app and used it daily. It seems like you guys went in and took all the best features and got rid of them. Please change back. Please. Thank you.

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